Serves breakfast and lunch as well as a wide variety of snacks.  The canteen is operated by Mt. Dufour and assists with operating costs.  Skiers and boarders are encouraged to buy from the canteen rather than bring food to the hill from other establishments.  Help support your hill.


                                           KITCHEN AND  BAR  ARE OPEN



                          MENU  ITEMS  INCLUDE :   HAMBURGERS,  HOT DOGS,  CHEESE  DOGS

                                                                       FRIES ,  POUTINE , SOUPS,  BREAKFAST  MUFFINS

                                                                       CLUBHOUSE ON A BUN ,   CHILI . 

                                                                       HOME MADE  COOKIES,  CHOC. BARS,   FRESH POPCORN

                                                                        ASSORTED  DRINK  ITEMS.